Designing Your Nursing Pins

Custom Nursing Pins-designed for your school and made in the USA using fine materials of precious metals and gemstones.

Classic designs, or a contemporary look -- Terryberry can help create custom nursing pins for your nursing school and nursing graduation. Share your design idea, or ask us for suggestions. With Terryberry, design options are virtually limitless:

Getting Started: Contact us with your design idea or let us put together some ideas for you. Our expert designers will supply you with a quote and a formal art presentation without cost or obligation.

Now Providing Accessories

Get Your Accessories

Along with nursing pins, Terryberry now offers guards, stoles, tassels, honor cords and nursing lamps to complete your graduation ensemble and necessities. Guards are a great compliment to any nursing pin and serve as a safety net from your pin detaching. Get your stole(s) plain or embroidered. Stoles, tassels and honor cords are available in an assortment of colors to symbolize your specific honors and/or match your school’s colors. Nursing lamps are symbolic of the hope that every nurse brings to each and every patient. Beautifully crafted, these ivory lamps are available either plain or customized with your schools logo and optional personalization.


Nursing Graduation Accessories:
guards, stoles, tassels, honor cords and lamps


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