Pin Guards are a great complement to any nursing pin. They are available in jewelry quality metals and provide the same allure of a nursing pin. Pin guards are attached to the nursing pin via a chain link. The chain link is securely attached on the back of the guard and the pin. They serve as a safety net if your pin were to ever detach from your clothing. Check out our gallery of Pin Guards!

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Stoles, Tassels and Honor Cords

Recognize achievements with plain or embroidered stoles. These stoles can be customized with your school’s graduating class, school’s crest or logo. Stoles, tassels and honor cords are available in an assortment of colors to symbolize your specific honors and/or match your school’s colors.

Nursing Lamps

Florence Nightingale is perhaps the most well-known nurse globally and was given the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp” during the Crimean War. When the medical officers had retired for the night, she may have been observed alone, bearing her little lamp that brought light and hope to the sick. This lamp is symbolic of the hope that every nurse brings to each and every patient. Beautifully crafted, these ivory lamps are available either plain or customized with your schools logo and optional personalization.